It’s about what we do with what we catch

Small moves make a difference

About Tuna

We all love Tuna

It’s why we’re here, right? But where do they spawn, what’s their migratory path, how long do they live, how big can they get?

TC Kitchen

We’re taste-testing some simply delicious ways to prepare your bluefin. Are you ready to channel your inner chef and make the most of every fish you keep?

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Being a Tuna Champion means using the best fishing practices for tuna – and encouraging your mates to do the same. Small moves make a difference. Watch the tutorial videos and pass the test to become a Tuna Champion.

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Slip on a t-shirt, jump into our new hoodie and slap on a cap. Now that’s Tuna Champion cool… or get onboard with the limited edition Reel Brand + Tuna Champion long-sleeve fishing shirt.

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Many people have jumped on the Tuna Champion train and produced products to help spread the message, help you catch fish and care for them. 

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Meet our Ambassadors, pick up some hot tips on the best fishing practices for tuna and even find out how to channel your inner chef. Let’s go!

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Become a Tuna Champ – Take the Tuna Pledge

I do solemnly swear to catch, handle, keep or release southern bluefin tuna as safely and humanely as possible – and to prepare it well, so no fish is wasted.