Meet our Ambassadors, pick up some hot tips on the best fishing practices for tuna and even find out how to channel your inner chef.

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  • TK



    Our tuna fishery is vibrant, healthy and well managed…

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  • John & Lydia C

    John & Lydia C

    Melbourne, VIC

    We pride ourselves on the motto ‘take one fish’ and use it all.

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  • Nathan B

    Nathan B

    Sydney, NSW

    Correctly handling bluefin is often overlooked, so I like to promote practical ways to ethically handle and utilise this revered marine species.

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  • Andy @ Ebb Tide

    Andy @ Ebb Tide

    Melbourne, VIC

    At Ebb Tide Tackle, we’re loving seeing the bluefin resurgence! We let a ton of them go – doing it right so they have the best chance of surviving.

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  • Richie Abela, Dream Catcher Sportfishing II

    Richie Abela, Dream Catcher Sportfishing II

    Melbourne, VIC

    SBT are tough competitors. I love the challenge of the fight – and the joy of seeing someone catch their first big one.

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  • Trish S

    Trish S

    Southport, QLD

    I love the hydrodynamic perfection of bluefin tuna.Their streamlining is amazing! Even their fins fold into slots to minimise drag.

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  • Jonah Y

    Jonah Y

    New Norfolk, TAS

    Fishing for SBT in Tassie got me addicted to bluewater gamefishing. They’re exciting to catch, delicious to eat…

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  • Masaaki


    Geeveston, TAS

    How long your bluefin lasts depends on how you handle it. If it’s a well-handled iki jime fish, it can last more than 10 days in the fridge.

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  • Stuart N

    Stuart N

    Eaglehawk Neck, TAS

    SBT have been a big part of my life for 20 years. I still love taking customers out to experience catching this amazing fish.

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  • Lee VS

    Lee VS

    Adelaide, SA

    There’s nothing like hooking up to an SBT… the rush and fighting power of these fish is amazing!

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  • Patrick D

    Patrick D

    Geelong, VIC

    I love tangling with Southern Bluefin Tuna because they are big, fast and fiesty – the true athletes of the sea.

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  • Tim Simpson

    Tim Simpson

    Southport, QLD

    SBT are a precious and limited resource, so once you’ve enjoyed your interaction, release them carefully so they survive

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  • Paul W & fam

    Paul W & fam

    Cranbourne, VIC

    I love fresh SBT – but look after that delicate flesh the second it hits the deck! Bleed and gut it then stuff it with ice to lower the core temp.

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  • Chloe L

    Chloe L

    Sydney, NSW

    When you’re fighting a fish and you stop to rest, so does the fish – and that can lengthen the fight time.

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  • Lee R

    Lee R

    Melbourne, VIC

    If you’re going out to catch SBT, take the right gear. With super light tackle you have to fight them too long.

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  • Al McGlashan

    Al McGlashan

    Sydney, NSW

    There’s something special about bluefin – but we need to appreciate them and do our bit to enhance the fishery, so it’s even better for the next generation.

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  • Scott G

    Scott G

    Southwest Victoria

    Catching multiple SBT in an outing is common in southwest Victoria, so many anglers practice catch and release – which means looking after it so it survives.

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