Meet our Ambassadors, pick up some hot tips on the best fishing practices for tuna and even find out how to channel your inner chef.

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  • TK



    Our tuna fishery is vibrant, healthy and well managed…

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  • John & Lydia C

    John & Lydia C

    Melbourne, VIC

    We pride ourselves on the motto ‘take one fish’ and use it all.

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  • Nathan B

    Nathan B

    Sydney, NSW

    Correctly handling bluefin is often overlooked, so I like to promote practical ways to ethically handle and utilise this revered marine species.

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  • Andy @ Ebb Tide

    Andy @ Ebb Tide

    Melbourne, VIC

    At Ebb Tide Tackle, we’re loving seeing the bluefin resurgence! We let a ton of them go – doing it right so they have the best chance of surviving.

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  • Richie Abela, Dream Catcher Sportfishing II

    Richie Abela, Dream Catcher Sportfishing II

    Melbourne, VIC

    SBT are tough competitors. I love the challenge of the fight – and the joy of seeing someone catch their first big one.

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  • Trish S

    Trish S

    Southport, QLD

    I love the hydrodynamic perfection of bluefin tuna.Their streamlining is amazing! Even their fins fold into slots to minimise drag.

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  • Jonah Y

    Jonah Y

    New Norfolk, TAS

    Fishing for SBT in Tassie got me addicted to bluewater gamefishing. They’re exciting to catch, delicious to eat…

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  • Masaaki


    Geeveston, TAS

    How long your bluefin lasts depends on how you handle it. If it’s a well-handled iki jime fish, it can last more than 10 days in the fridge.

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  • Stuart N

    Stuart N

    Eaglehawk Neck, TAS

    SBT have been a big part of my life for 20 years. I still love taking customers out to experience catching this amazing fish.

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  • Lee VS

    Lee VS

    Adelaide, SA

    There’s nothing like hooking up to an SBT… the rush and fighting power of these fish is amazing!

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  • Patrick D

    Patrick D

    Geelong, VIC

    I love tangling with Southern Bluefin Tuna because they are big, fast and fiesty – the true athletes of the sea.

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  • Tim Simpson

    Tim Simpson

    Southport, QLD

    SBT are a precious and limited resource, so once you’ve enjoyed your interaction, release them carefully so they survive

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  • Paul W & fam

    Paul W & fam

    Cranbourne, VIC

    I love fresh SBT – but look after that delicate flesh the second it hits the deck! Bleed and gut it then stuff it with ice to lower the core temp.

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  • Chloe L

    Chloe L

    Sydney, NSW

    When you’re fighting a fish and you stop to rest, so does the fish – and that can lengthen the fight time.

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  • Lee R

    Lee R

    Melbourne, VIC

    If you’re going out to catch SBT, take the right gear. With super light tackle you have to fight them too long.

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  • Al McGlashan

    Al McGlashan

    Sydney, NSW

    There’s something special about bluefin – but we need to appreciate them and do our bit to enhance the fishery, so it’s even better for the next generation.

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  • Scott G

    Scott G

    Southwest Victoria

    Catching multiple SBT in an outing is common in southwest Victoria, so many anglers practice catch and release – which means looking after it so it survives.

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  • Jarvis Wall

    Jarvis Wall


    What’s not to love about Bluefin Tuna fishing? They have become extremely accessible for everyone here in Tasmania in the last few years with their stocks bouncing back and it’s so great to see. It’s a true privilege to be able to shoot out after work and catch these incredible fish with topwater gear in Bass Strait. it’s extremely important we look after this fantastic resource so they can continue to look after us in the years to come. Single hooks, big fish friendly nets and quick reactions will ensure these fish go home healthy!

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  • Kate Rogers

    Kate Rogers

    Batemans Bay

    I had always thought fishing for tuna was out my league, something that only the big boats were able to target and catch and that to buy it was an absolute luxury.
    That in mind, caring for my catch is just so paramount – from a quick dispatch, to icing and dry filleting, you know the people you share your catch with will have only the very best quality at the table.

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  • Tyson Kain, Want To Fish Charters

    Tyson Kain, Want To Fish Charters

    Port Mac, South Australia

    As a Golden Tuna Charter operator it means our practices and handling of tuna is the best there can be !!
    We are very excited to be part of the team at Tuna Champions and continuing to provide our customers the best quality tuna onboard our charter

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