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Albacore are unique as they are comprised of a white meat and known by many as the ‘chicken of the sea’. Just because their flesh is a different colour, doesn’t mean the method to take care of them is any different. Albacore are distinct as their pectoral fins are elongated and can be nearly the length of the fish.


Where do they go to breed?

In the South Pacific, albacore spawn in the western and central region between 10° S and 25° S and to 140° W during a relatively protracted spring/summer season.

Spawning occurs in small aggregations during the summer. The peak spawning period in the southern hemisphere occurs in summer. Eggs are released in at least two batches.


The old saying that preparation prevents poor performance could not be more true when it comes to ensuring the fish will be either great quality on your plate or a better chance of release.


Whether you plan to retain or release a fish, it is important to consider how you handle it. Poor handling techniques can affect the welfare of the animal, reduce its chance of survival if released, and affect flesh quality if you plan to keep it to eat.


If possible, all handling should be done with the fish remaining in the water and water flowing over their gills.


Some things are just best served cold, revenge, beer and tuna. As fishers we need to be conscious when catching and dispatching tuna that their bodies continue to warm.

keep tuna


Tips on how to minimise wastage