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Welcome to our TC Kitchen, where we’re taste-testing some simply delicious ways to prepare your bluefin. 
Are you ready to channel your inner chef and make the most of every fish you keep?

Let’s get prepping…

Get ready for a bluefin feast or a light lunch

You’ve filleted your Southern Bluefin Tuna and scraped the frame, so you’ve got a lot of tuna meat ready to feast on. 

Try these options for the prized belly meat or toro (fatty tuna):

  • Finely chop it to create an appetiser like Toro Tartare – serve it with crackers and soy sauce, wasabi and your other favourite flavours
  • Sear it on one side for 45 seconds, then follow this tip from chef Mel Roberts @chef-by-trade: take it off the heat, turn it over and let the residual heat in the pan cook it for about 30 seconds.

Here’s some ideas for prepping the other cuts to impress your friends and family – or just yourself really:

  • Some chefs call the collar the ‘pork shoulder’ of the tuna, so there’s a clue – it’s delicious braised, roasted or barbequed (see our recipe below)
  • For canapes, slice loin into 3cm thick strips, dip in soy sauce, coat evenly in a mix of white and black sesame seeds, then sear in olive oil. Mel’s hot tip: put seared strips in the freezer for 10 minutes to firm up, then cut into 2cm thick cubes with a standard sharp knife, and serve with pickled ginger or wasabi
  • Marinate cheeks in salt and lemon juice, then sear on both sides for an extraordinary burst of flavour

Wait, there’s still all those left-over bits to work with:

  • Use those scraps from the frame for delicious fried rice, or for sushi rolls chop it finely, add spring onion, oil, chilli flakes or your favourite ingredients and sushi rice, and wrap them in Nori (seaweed) sheets
  • Use bones and head for broth and stock – make sure all the meat is scraped off, then cut them up with kitchen scissors, bake and add to the stock pot. Perfect for ramen!

Watch our TC Kitchen videos to see our Tuna Champions in prepping action!


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